Writing web content can take you away from your other workBusy litigators often don’t have time to blog. Your hectic court schedules keep you on the road all day and away from your computers. When you do get back, you want to spend your time connecting with clients and developing cases, not updating your website. The Legal Linguist gives you the ability to have a robust web presence without having to turn away paying clients every week to make time for it.

Balancing marketing and money-making is simple if you are in a large firm with a separate marketing department, but for solo practitioners and small firms it means taking time away from your key employees, or your own schedule, every week. What if instead you could outsource your web content like you do your website development?

On the Internet, content is king. You have to provide meaningful information to your prospective clients. Hire a skilled attorney and author to keep your website current and even help you grow a social media presence, without threatening your ethical obligations. As your needs change, you can upgrade your package and services to keep you at the forefront of online legal advertising.

I have worked with many attorneys and many writers over the years.  Lisa is the best, and let me tell you why.

I have found Lisa to be exceptional to work with.  The quality of her writing reflects her creativity, communication skills, and her knowledge of how the web works.  She gets it. She understands how our viewers use the web, and she has mastered our limited area of practice.  She has produced excellent blog work and web pages for our law firm.  Lisa is always extremely professional.  Her work is error-free, always timely, and she is highly professional.  I rate her 6 stars out of 5!

– David Christensen