Trial lawyers thrive on being busy. You fill your days with court appearances and client meetings, squeezing phone calls in between bites of lunch. When a tough issue presents itself, it might seem impossible to find the time to give it the deep research it deserves. Enter the ghost-writer – your own personal law clerk.

Ghost writers specialize in the kind of in-depth research that can literally keep you up at night. We love to take on the work that takes up hours of your evening or weekend and keeps you away from your family. We have specialized research tools and strategies to dig in to the law and provide with a well-reasoned summary of your issue.

Ghost writers thrive on getting to the answer – reading cases and case studies to find just the right interpretation to suit your needs. We are more than just writers, we are skilled lawyers, ready to craft just the right argument to serve you and your client.

As ghost-writers, we also make it our business to keep up on new trends in our clients’ practice areas. When a cutting edge issue comes across your desk, we are ready to respond. Legal Linguist writers even sometimes provide courtesy emails when a new case comes up – giving them a heads up to changes in the law.

When a difficult legal issue catches you off guard, your ghost-writer is there to back you up. Your Legal Linguist writer can prepare a memorandum on the law for internal use at your office, draft a brief to be filed in court, or write an article to be published in a local legal publication.

A ghost-writer isn’t like a coverage attorney, who shows up to fill your seat at a hearing with little preparation or understanding of your case. As ghost-writers, we are speaking on your behalf. It is our job to make you and your client look good. Because of this, ghost writers will take time to fully understand your case and your position.

No litigation is completely cut and dry, but some legal issues need more investigation than others. You hire a private investigator or file subpoenas to get to the bottom of the facts in your case. Why wouldn’t you also hire a ghost writer to develop the legal questions?

In case you have any concerns about a ghost-writer speaking on your behalf, remember, you always have the last word. You sign off on any brief or motion filed with the court. Legal Linguist writers will always provide web content or articles to you in advance for review and approval. There should never be anything attributed to you that you don’t have an opportunity to review and approve.

A complicated legal question doesn’t have to grind your practice to a halt. A ghost-writer can give you the edge you need to stay on top of the law and your caseload. Whether it’s a memo on a new area of law or a complicated legal brief, the ghost-writers at Legal Linguist are ready to help you put your best written foot forward.