Writing Services

Writing can take a lot of time out of your day. If you are up against a deadline in litigation, you need someone able to step in in a pinch. Other times writing may not be your strongest skill, and you may want someone to put a special shine on your ideas. The Legal Linguist can provide for all of your writing needs.

Legal Research & Writing


Not everything you need written goes to the web. Whether because of staffing shortages, or the normal ebb and flow of business, there may be times you need legal writing as well. Attorney and author Lisa Schmidt has you covered. She can prepare motions, briefs, mediation summaries, and memoranda of law for all your legal drafting needs.

Press Releases

$150 each

Even in the era of online marketing, there’s something to be said for a classic press release. Whether you are announcing a big win or featuring your star performer, the Legal Linguist can prepare a press release complete with headline, feature content, and follow up information. We can also arrange for photography services to provide the right kind of image to match your big news.

Ghost Writing

$50/Hour or 2¢/word

Some ideas just need to be written. Those big ideas deserve another level of expertise. By hiring a writing specialist you can give your concepts the polish to get noticed by publishers and readers alike. The Legal Linguist can provide ghost writing services to put your biggest ideas on paper. These long-term projects will involve ongoing interaction and communication to keep the writing on target and maintain your voice.

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