5 Writing Strategies to Beat the Blank Page

The blank page is the bane of all writers. We all struggle to find ways to make the cursor stop being disappointed in us and actually get writing. It is blinking at us, after all. The good news is there are a variety of writing strategies that can get you past writer’s block and on to a complete first draft. The trick is to find the one that works for you. Continue reading

Get Blog Ideas From Your Calendar

If you blog regularly, finding new, relevant, interesting topics is always a challenge. One place you may not have thought to look for inspiration is your calendar. Holidays, appointments, and even the seasons can be a source for new material. Continue reading

The Terror of the Blank Page

It sits there, staring at you, taunting you with your inability to fill it. But I assure you, you are mightier than the blank page and it is easily vanquished once you set aside your terror. Continue reading

Perfecting Your Blog, Not Blogging Perfection

Alright, admit it. There are times you go back to the same blog post 5 or even 10 times and wish you had written it differently. Maybe you keep editing and updating even after the post is published. Lots of lawyers are perfectionists, but applying a standard of perfection will hurt your blog, not help it.

Demanding that you produce a flawless blog every time will diminish your creativity, slow your writing progress, and could even keep you from blogging at all. You will be so focused on writing it right, you eventually won’t be able to write anything without fear of imperfection. Perfectionism may help when you are editing a major brief or finalizing your web layout, but in a regularly updated blog, it can be more of a hindrance.

Instead of trying to write the perfect blog every time, treat the blog as a whole as a living, growing sample of your work. Acknowledge that some of your posts will be excellent while others are merely adequate. Every once in a while, go back and read some of your early posts. There’s a good chance your new work will look a lot closer to perfect by comparison.

Blog writing is a learned skill. It is not something you will do perfectly right away. If you hold yourself to unreasonable standards of perfection early on you will get discouraged. You will be more likely to lose your drive and let your blog join the thousands of other stagnant pools that never get updated.

Focus instead on improvement. Not perfect, but perfecting. By learning from past mistakes and practicing your craft you will become a better blogger over time. If you need help perfecting your writing without being perfect, contact blogging coach Lisa Schmidt today.