How Client Testimonials Prove Your Professional Expertise

Have you ever bought something on without at least glancing at the reviews? When you get a referral for a service professional from a friend, don’t you ask how they liked the work? So why would you think you should sell your professional services without the voices of your best customers? Continue reading

Do Ratings and Testimonials Belong on Your Website?

What do you do when someone tells you that you are a good lawyer? Sure, getting a thank you note from a client or a 5-Star rating on a referral site feels good, but do ratings and testimonials have any place on your website? Continue reading

What To Do With Client Thank You Notes

Being a lawyer can be a tough job. You help people through hard times, and all too often have to be the bearer of bad news. But every now and again, you’ll have a client that really likes you, and the work you’ve done for them. They might want to hug you, or send you cards. So what do you do with all those client thank you notes. Continue reading