Using a Guest Blog to Grow Your Audience

If your blog is designed to grow your business, then first you need to grow your audience. The more people who read your blog, the more likely you will see returns on that investment. One way to grow your audience is to write guest blogs on popular websites. Continue reading

5 Ways to Give Your Readers Headaches

Are you sick of readers hanging around, reading post after post and using up your bandwidth? Get rid of those pesky readers quickly by giving them headaches. Headaches will drive your readers away and leave you in peace and quiet. Here are 5 sure fire ways to give your readers headaches today: Continue reading

Guest Post: Can Your Readers Navigate Your Blog?

Do you want readers or clients? Is it enough for them to land on your blog, or do you want them to walk through your door? Whether a casual reader becomes a paying client can depend on a lot of things. Don’t let your website stand in the way. Take the time to make sure your readers can navigate your blog. Continue reading

Epic Storytelling Makes the Mundane Fascinating

I had had a long day. After staring at the blank page for far too long trying to decide what to write, I decided to pack it up and try again tomorrow. Writer’s block had struck. But when I got home, my husband inadvertently reminded me of exactly what had been missing from my blogging efforts: storytelling. Continue reading

5 Lessons You Can Learn From Clickbait

No one likes it when you click on an article, only to discover the title does not match the content. If you are like many readers, you may find yourself wondering why you even clicked on some links. It may be because of a clickbait title. But there are some things you as a blogger can learn from clickbait which will increase your readership. Continue reading