Getting Personal in a Digital and Social Media World

How well do you know your clients? Do you understand their needs, or simply know what forms to fill out for them? In an age of digital services and social media, you can’t afford not to know your clients. Unless you get personal, you could see them, and your business walk out the virtual door. Continue reading

What is Your Unique Business Offering?

No matter what your industry, there are likely thousands of people who do what you do. So how do you stand out? How can you make referral partners remember you and potential clients find you among a sea of competition? Continue reading

Federal Courts to Lower Appellate Brief Word Limits. Are You Ready?

The practice of an appellate lawyer rises and falls with brief writing. Thorough brief writing is the key to winning cases and getting bad law overturned. But will the federal courts’ new lower word count limits weaken your brief or make you a sharper writer? Continue reading

Your Website is Not Just a Business Card

What is a website for? Some traditionally minded marketers will say that a website is your online business card. How it looks is what counts. But in the age of online research and reviews, your online presence should be far more than just a pretty face.

Continue reading

How Do You Answer “Have You Done This Before?”

A potential client is sitting across from you. You are evaluating him, looking for signs this will be a good case, or the right fit. You are watching for red flags. Then he asks a question: “Have you done this before?” All of a sudden the tables are turned and you are the one being evaluated. Continue reading

What To Do With Client Thank You Notes

Being a lawyer can be a tough job. You help people through hard times, and all too often have to be the bearer of bad news. But every now and again, you’ll have a client that really likes you, and the work you’ve done for them. They might want to hug you, or send you cards. So what do you do with all those client thank you notes. Continue reading