Finding Variety in a Highly Targeted Blog

There are only so many ways a person can write about the same topic before it sounds redundant. If you are using a highly targeted blog to market a niche practice or attract a particular type of client, you may soon find yourself bored with the topic. How can you keep the entries fresh and still keep every post on-target? Continue reading

45 Fresh Content Ideas for Your Website

We all know fresh content is key to making the most of your online marketing. But it can sometimes be hard to come up with something that hasn’t been done before. Here’s a master list of ideas to help you through your toughest writer’s block. Continue reading

Get Blog Ideas From Your Calendar

If you blog regularly, finding new, relevant, interesting topics is always a challenge. One place you may not have thought to look for inspiration is your calendar. Holidays, appointments, and even the seasons can be a source for new material. Continue reading

Schedule an Appointment With Your Inspiration

Is your blog page sitting empty because you are waiting for inspiration to strike? Has your content dried up because you don’t have time when an idea strikes you? Don’t wait for a chance encounter with your muse. Schedule an appointment with your inspiration today. Continue reading