Using Your Blog as a Tool for Follow-Up Contact

Who do you write your blog for? For most lawyers, past clients and referral partners make up a large portion of their subscribers. So use that as a tool for follow-up contact with those who know your business best. Continue reading

Should You Move Your Practice Online?

The Cloud is a popular place these days. Industry experts will be quick to tell you to save your data to a server or even manage your practice online. But should you move your practice online? Modern technology says the answer may not be no. Continue reading

Weekly Blogging Too Much? Consider a Blog Co-Op

Busy solo attorneys may have a tough time keeping up with the demands of a regular weekly blog. But they still may be able to get some of the benefits by organizing a blogging co-op with other local professionals. Continue reading

Take Your Networking Online Through Social Media

Modern professionals may find in-person networking difficult. It may seem time consuming or you may not enjoy interacting in that kind of setting. Luckily, modern technology now allows you to take your networking online through social media. And you can use your blog to do it. Continue reading

Should Professionals Be Marketing Yourself or Your Business?

If you are in a professional service industry, like law or accounting, it can sometimes be hard to separate yourself from your business. Your clients hire you, refer you, and trust you, not your company. So why do you spend so much time marketing your business instead of yourself? Continue reading

Strip Away Clutter to Reveal a Unique Value Proposition

How do you answer the question”What do you do?” Do you rely on your job title? Fumble your way through a list of recent clients? A clear unique value proposition statement prepared and ready to go can make you more memorable and can help attract your ideal clients. Continue reading

Becoming a Visible Enthusiastic Expert One Blog at a Time

How do you become known as an expert in your field? You don’t have to win a groundbreaking case or give a big lecture to a room full of your peers, though both would help. Sometimes, you just need to start writing a blog. Continue reading