Legal Linguist is not a content mill. Every article is uniquely designed and written with your ideal clients and referral partners in mind. Even where your topic overlaps with another Legal Linguist client, our writer starts from a blank page every time. That way you get the biggest SEO impact for your money.

Google and other search engines are looking for rich, unique content. Their web crawlers have the ability to compare your website to all of your competitors’ in the blink of an eye. If they find duplication, the search engines penalize both sites, lowering them in the search engines.

That’s why you never want to settle for canned posts. Content mills may promise that you are the only attorney in your area using an article, but they can’t protect your site from the entire web. By cutting corners and using pre-packaged web content, you could actually be hurting your web marketing.

Nor do you get to know your author’s credentials. Many content mills hire stay-at-home parents and college students looking to make a few extra bucks. They pay these part-time writers to cover everything from gardening to guardianships. There is no guarantee of quality or expertise. Author Lisa Schmidt is a bar-admitted attorney with an active practice, and a contributor to the Institute of Continuing Legal Education, so you know you will be getting high quality, reputable writing on every post.

Legal Linguist is committed to its blank page promise. You will never get a carbon copy of another firm’s blog. Instead every article is written specifically for you and to your specifications. You can even direct the author to take particular positions on controversial topics covered by your blog. That’s a level of uniqueness and customization you simply won’t get from other web content creators.