Your schedule is packed with court hearings. You’re practically living out of your car. When are you supposed to find time to write that next trial brief or motion for summary disposition? And will it be any good if you do it on the road?

Outsource Your Pleadings
to a Freelance Lawyer
with Writing Expertise

Trial lawyers live in the courtroom. They often have multiple hearings per day — running between judges and even courts to cover all their hearings. When they get back to the office, it’s all about returning client calls, doing initial consultations, and keeping that pipeline full. Drafting documents gets relegated to evenings and weekends, or worse, dictation on the road.

But what if it didn’t have to be that way? What if a phone call and an email could take writing off your plate and leave you more time to spend with your clients? And what if doing that could actually improve your pleadings?

Freelancer Lawyers Take Writing Off Your To-Do List

In “Smart Growth: Tapping Into the Freelance Lawyer Ecosystem” Attorney @ Work writer Dan Lear suggested using a freelance lawyer as an alternative to bringing on an associate for your firm. He says:

“You can also increase revenue by staffing matters with contract or freelance attorneys. In fact, with the rise of the ‘gig economy’ and the power of the internet to connect professionals across significant distances, tapping into the freelance lawyer ecosystem is easier than ever.”

Dan Lear, Smart Growth: Tapping Into the Freelance Lawyer Ecosystem

Many lawyers have already used a contract lawyer to cover a hearing or resolve a conflict of interest. But what if you could find someone to handle your pleadings?

A freelance attorney can take writing off your to-do list. It allows you to delegate the time-consuming process of research and writing, so you can focus on what you’re good at: advocating for your clients in court.

Legal Linguist Freelance Lawyer Takes Legal Writing to a New Level

Not every lawyer is a master wordsmith. Your talents may be focused on advocacy, public speaking, or other aspects of litigation. The good news is you don’t have to be. By outsourcing your big-impact writing projects to a lawyer with a degree in creative writing, you can improve the quality of your pleadings and make a better impression in court.

Attorney and writer Lisa Schmidt has 8 years of legal experience representing clients in court. She is also a professional writer. She knows what it takes to advocate through legal research and writing and how to make the most of a legal brief. When you outsource your pleadings to the Legal Linguist you know you are getting a fully researched brief written by someone who has mastered the craft.

Outsourcing legal work to a freelance lawyer doesn’t have to make you seem like less of a lawyer. You review the pleadings and it’s your name on the briefs. Your clients will see your pleadings as part of your firm’s value, even though your freelance lawyer is not in-house. 

You can take on more work without losing more sleep. By hiring a freelance lawyer from Legal Linguist, you know your writing will be covered so you can put your focus on the courthouse. Contact Legal Linguist today to get help with your next big writing project.