Need a Blog Topic? Look at Industry Trends

Sometimes it can be hard to figure out what to write week in, and week out. One source of almost unlimited content ideas is to look at industry trends. Whether it is a newly published case or an issue trending on Twitter, changes in your industry are perfect blog writing material.

This is part 4 of a blog series based on my experiences with the Build Institute‘s Basics workshop.

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At this week’s session, we “Builders” heard from Diane Hunter of Empowerment Source, a small business accountant. Bookkeeping, accounting, and tax preparation isn’t something the average entrepreneur spends her spare time researching, but Ms. Hunter made it interesting. How? She talked to us about the trends in her industry. Everything from expense-capture apps to the recent tax overhaul was on the table. If I were writing a tax blog, I would have had over a month of posts, all from her 30 minute presentation.

Industry Trends Are All Around You

Ms. Hunter demonstrated that, even in a dry content area like accounting, there are blog topics to be found everywhere. If people have found and follow your blog it is because your industry interests them, one way or another. Developing trends in that industry provide excellent sources of information. You could write about:

  • New software and apps that connect with your field (like auto insurance claim apps or the latest child support calculation website)
  • Recently published court opinions (Remember to look outside your jurisdiction – you can always explain why your state’s law works differently.)
  • Legislative bills or new laws that affect your practice area
  • Shifts in demographics (like how businesses attract Millenials or the industries transitioning toward contract employees)
  • Best practices in economics, security, or financial practices

Your Legal Blog Doesn’t Have to Be 100% Law

Especially if you have a narrow niche practice, it can sometimes be hard to find a topic 100% on point. In those cases, industry trends can open up your blogging possibilities. Anything related to your industry is fair game. Do you do product liability cases? Why not write about how recall news spreads faster on social media? Medical malpractice? You could discuss how anti-vaccination trends are impacting cases related to infectious disease. Talking about the industry related to your practice will interest your readers, even if it isn’t directly about the law (after all, they’re probably in that industry).

Even when the topic isn’t directly related to your practice, you can usually find a way to tie in what you do. Even if all you do is add a bio paragraph at the end that explains your expertise and why readers should listen to you, you have established yourself as an expert in the field that keeps up with the trends. When your readers have an unusual legal issue, or in Ms. Hunter’s case, an accounting issue, they’ll have confidence that you will know how to handle it.

Industry trends are a great way to demonstrate expertise and get passed writer’s block. Whether you are an accountant, lawyer, or small business owner, you can use the patterns that emerge in everyday life to talk about what you do and let people get to know you and your business.

Lisa Schmidt is a writer for Legal Linguist in Ferndale, Michigan. She writes blogs and web content for lawyers and small businesses. If you need help keeping your blog content fresh, contact Legal Linguist today to schedule a meeting.

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