When Writing Becomes Part of the Flow

When do you lose track of time? When you are playing with your kids? Networking with other business professionals? Digging into a tough problem at work? What about writing? Professional development professionals call being in the zone like this “flow.” For bloggers, writing becomes part of the flow, but only if they get the distractions out of the way. Continue reading

Be Clear About Expectations, With Your Partners and Yourself

Do you know what success looks like? What does it mean for everyone in your firm to pull their weight? If you want your blog, or your business, to be successful, you need to be clear about expectations – including who will do what, when. And that applies to your business partners, and yourself. Continue reading

Getting Personal to Create Sustainable Change

If you are thinking about starting something new, it can be easy to jump in with both feet, sometimes without looking to see where you will land. But that may make it hard to create sustainable change that lasts beyond the first roadblock. You need a plan that will give you the personal support you need to commit to change over the long haul.
Continue reading

Resolution to Write More? Find an Accountability Partner

Who hasn’t spent a lazy day in December coming up with New Year’s Resolutions we know would make our lives easier, more productive, or simply more enjoyable? For creative types, this often includes doing our form of art more. We resolve to draw more, play more, or write more. But how can we keep those resolutions from falling to the wayside once the new year’s obligations press in? One answer: ask an accountability partner to help. Continue reading

Starting Your 2018 Blog Off Right, Part Two

The new year often brings with it resolutions to do better at home, in life, and in business. For lawyers and business owners this often comes in the form of an aggressive marketing plan to build a robust pipeline and recruit new clients. But by February, many New Year’s Resolutions fall away. So what can you do to make sure you stick to your 2018 blog plan? Continue reading