The stores are full of twinkling lights and carols. Calendars are filling up with year-end parties and winter festivals. And your annual marketing plan says it is time for a holiday campaign. Find out how to make the most of your holiday marketing campaign with blogging and social media.

Service providers may not rely quite as much as retailers on a year-end push, but many professionals include a holiday marketing campaign as part of their operational plan. For some, it’s a time for charitable donations and service projects. Others offer limited-time discounts or referral benefits. But no matter what form your holiday marketing campaign takes, you need get the word out to people. That’s where your blog and social media comes in.

Turn Your Holiday Marketing Campaign Into a Blog Series

An effective holiday marketing campaign needs fresh content to go along with it. This content can take a more sales-based tone, as opposed to some of your other, more informational posts. It can focus on the unique business proposition of your business, playing up your strengths.

Many law firms use the holidays as a chance to give back, through charitable donations or firm-wide service projects. You can increase the impact of these holiday marketing campaigns by writing one or more blog posts about the event. Break this up into a blog series by announcing the event ahead of time and then reporting about it afterward.

For deals, your posts can dive deep into the discount given and the benefit received. Develop two to three posts that look at different aspects of the deal. For example, if you are offering free consultations, you could write posts about getting to know your lawyer, what to bring to your consultation, and questions to ask your lawyer.

The most important part of a holiday marketing campaign blog is the call to action. It should tie directly into your campaign. If they need to sign up to get a coupon code, link to the landing page where they do it. If they need to call before a specific date, make that clear. Remember that your post will stay up on your website long after your holiday marketing campaign is over, so clearly state any deadlines or limits to the offer.

Build Social Media Momentum Behind Your Holiday Marketing Campaign

A press release, blog post, or other piece of web content is only as effective as the people it reaches. This is always true, but when the post is part of a limited-time marketing campaign, you need to get the post in front of a lot of eyes in a hurry. That’s where your social media accounts can help.

A focused social media campaign using your web content can put your web content in the public space. You may want to take advantage of sponsored posts on Facebook or hire a social media marketing consultant to push your posts on various platforms. If your budget is more limited, you could also encourage your staff, friends and family to share you posts. The increased engagement will expand your reach and improve the visibility of your holiday marketing campaign.

Strong web content is an essential part of a modern holiday marketing campaign. Don’t waste your efforts creating a discount program or a charitable event just to have it pass quietly into Winter’s long night. Pair your marketing dollars with strong blogging and social media strategies, and make the most of your holiday marketing campaign.

Lisa Schmidt is a writer for Legal Linguist in Ferndale, Michigan. If you have a marketing campaign and need web content support, contact Legal Linguist today to schedule a meeting.