Making the Most of Your Professional Expertise

When you are an expert in your field, industry organizations, continuing education coordinators, and others will ask for you to weigh in on professional issues. So how can you use these opportunities to make the most of your professional expertise online.

For the last couple of weeks, we’ve been talking about showcasing your professional expertise online, and on your website. First, we talked about how to use your About Page and your blogs to demonstrate your experience. Then we showed how client testimonials add authenticity and credibility to your online marketing. Now, take a look at how you can use your professional speaking engagements and colleague inquiries to your benefit.

Professional Speaking Engagements Showcase Your Expertise

Nothing says “expert” like being asked to speak to your peers about issues within your industry. Presenting at continuing educational opportunities or local conferences instantly makes you “the lawyer’s lawyer” and says potential clients can trust your expertise. But they are usually closed events and can sometimes cost a lot of money just to attend. Still, there are several steps to fully showcase these professional speaking engagements on your website and social media accounts.

1. Make Noise About the Event Ahead of Time

Online marketing for professional speaking engagements start as soon as you accept the invitation. You should post that you will be speaking on all your social media platforms. Be certain to link to the hosting organization and any page connected to the event (possibly a Facebook event or an Eventbrite ticketing site). This is a great post to boost on Facebook because it makes you look like an expert while also featuring your professional association.

You can also do a press-release-style blog post that explains where you will be speaking, for whom, and what about. This can be more biographical — talking about what you do and why the organization chose you.

2. Rock the Presentation

As the date of your professional speaking engagement gets closer, be prepared. Find out ahead of time if the presentation will be recorded, livestreamed, or otherwise available online. If you will be on camera, take the time and effort to look the part of an industry expert. A new suit or haircut are all part of the deal.

Do everything you can to make the presentation go well. Rest well before hand, bring visual aids and personal notes. And don’t forget to speak slowly so people can follow you.

3. Social Media Thank Yous

When the conference or presentation is done, head back online. This is a great time to tweet a quick thank you to the conference for inviting you. Link to the organization one more time. And if your presentation will be available online, let your followers know when and where they can find it.

4. Rebroadcast and Summarize

Once the presentation is publicly available, it’s time to head back to your blog. If you have permission to use the video, embed it into a video blog post. Back that video up with a keyword-rich summary of the topic.

Even if your presentation was not recorded, you can still write a blog series that breaks up your presentation into easy-to-understand pieces. Don’t forget to bring the technical jargon down to a manageable level.

5. Update Your About Page

Making the most of your professional expertise starts and ends on the About page. The very fact that you have done speaking engagements in your industry is impressive. Before you close the book on your last seminar, circle back and update your biography, so that future users know about your contribution to the industry.

A professional speaking engagement is one of the best ways to feature your professional expertise online, but only if you do the work before and after to make the most of it. No matter who you are speaking to, make sure to use your blog and social media accounts to shine a light on your work.

Lisa Schmidt is a writer for Legal Linguist in Ferndale, Michigan. If you are looking to make the most of your professional expertise through online content, contact Legal Linguist to schedule a meeting.

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