5 Ways a Blog Post Is Like a Legal Brief

Lawyers aren’t taught how to write blog posts in law school. Most attorneys have to figure out things like practice management and marketing on their own. But one thing most law schools are good at teaching is how to write a legal brief. And it turns out, blog posts really aren’t all that different. Continue reading

Is Your Back-End Killing Your SEO?

You spend time and effort creating high-quality content for your website. At least part of your goal is probably to improve your organic search results and SEO. But there are some pieces of the back-end of your website itself that could be killing your SEO efforts. Continue reading

Making the Most of Your Professional Expertise

When you are an expert in your field, industry organizations, continuing education coordinators, and others will ask for you to weigh in on professional issues. So how can you use these opportunities to make the most of your professional expertise online. Continue reading

How Client Testimonials Prove Your Professional Expertise

Have you ever bought something on Amazon.com without at least glancing at the reviews? When you get a referral for a service professional from a friend, don’t you ask how they liked the work? So why would you think you should sell your professional services without the voices of your best customers? Continue reading

Bringing Your Expertise Online

You are an expert in your field. Others in your profession come to you to answer tough questions. You’ve even been invited to speak at industry events and conferences. But to customers online, you are still just a face in the crowd. How can you bring your expertise online to land more paying clients? Continue reading