What the Heck is a Long-Tail Keyword?

It seems like there is always more to learn about creating high-quality web content. Now that you’ve nailed down your priorities, your target audience, and your keywords, your marketing team has thrown in something new: the long-tail keyword. But what the heck is it? And how will it help you generate more traffic? Continue reading

How to Handle Content Plan Interruptions

Natural disasters have been plaguing large portions of the U.S. over the past week. They have led to power outages, physical devastation, evacuations, and even deaths. In these situations, meeting a blogging deadline is probably pretty low on the priority list. But once the dust is settled, how should you handle content plan interruptions? Continue reading

45 Fresh Content Ideas for Your Website

We all know fresh content is key to making the most of your online marketing. But it can sometimes be hard to come up with something that hasn’t been done before. Here’s a master list of ideas to help you through your toughest writer’s block. Continue reading