How to Feature a Product or Service in Social Media Marketing

You’ve just rolled out a new product or decided to make a service a bigger part of your business. How do you get the word out? Here are three steps to feature a product or service in your business through social media marketing.

1. Create a New Landing Page

Choose the part of your business you would like to feature. Maybe it’s a new product or service, something that is particularly profitable, or simply something you enjoy doing. Write a new page for your website all about that business offering. The page should include:

  • A description of the problem faced by the client
  • A plain-language explanation of how you can help (avoid legalese or jargon)
  • Features of the product or service
  • Your company’s history or experience working with the issue
  • A call to action, encouraging readers to buy your product, or contact you for help

Make sure the page has eye-catching and relevant imagery. Consider adding an infographic or other visualization to help people to understand the issue, the product, or the process.

Upload your page to your website or contact your web developer if you are unfamiliar with your content management software. It should be a separate subpage with its own URL containing the keyword best suited to your subject. Add links on your other pages wherever appropriate to allow readers to access the new page.

2. Write Blog Posts to Introduce the New Landing Page

Choose two or three blog topics that are connected to your landing page. They could be examples of satisfied clients who you have helped. Perhaps explain how changes in the law or technology make the new product or service particularly relevant. Or maybe the blog posts feature aspects of the new matter that may be popular for customers.

Write them on your slow day and then schedule them to post over the next week, or even month. Consider leaving space for other content between the posts, that way your regular readers won’t get tired of hearing about the new offering. It will also make sure your other services don’t get neglected.

When you upload your blog posts, be sure that each one contains a link to the landing page, as well as the same kind of call to action. The link will give readers an easy way to learn more. It will also strengthen the search engine optimization for the page, showing search engines that other pages focused on related keywords are pointing back to it. At the end of each post, repeat your call to action, so potential customers don’t have to click around to figure out how to hire you.

3. Create a Social Media Messaging Campaign

With your landing page and blogs squared away, you are ready to take your campaign to social media. Use your free time to write several tweets or Facebook posts and create images for Instagram or Pinterest. Then use an app like Hootsuite or Tweetdeck to schedule your posts over time. Make smart decisions about how frequently you post on each platform and when they are scheduled. Make sure to include pushing each blog post to social media as it goes live. In between, create posts that link directly to your landing page.

Just like with the blog posts, make sure you leave space for other topics in your social media posting schedule. You don’t want your followers to think you are a “One Note Nancy” or begin to ignore your posts because its “just that again.”

You may also want to consider using a Facebook ad campaign or sponsored links to get your new landing page posts in front of a broader audience. This can increase your follower count and bring more attention to your new product or service.

Featuring a new product or service on social media marketing can be an excellent way to build up that part of your business and bring in new clients. By giving the business offering dedicated space on your website, blog, and social media marketing, you will create a pipeline for customers to find you and build your business.

Lisa Schmidt is a writer with Legal Linguist, a content marketing company in Ferndale, Michigan. If you need help launching a new product or service online, contact the Legal Linguist to schedule a meeting.

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