Congratulations! You’ve won an award, been honored as an expert, or won a big case. Should you celebrate? How will you spread the word? Should you use your blog to brag about your business accomplishments? 

This week, one of my blogging clients was interviewed by a major newspaper about an issue close to their hearts, and their business model. The article discussed legal challenges within their niche market and how businesses weren’t doing enough to prevent them. It was a glowing review of the client’s top priority.

This has come up a few times recently. As legal challenges spring up, journalists are looking for experts to respond to the issues. Another client was quoted in a major newspaper in response to a presidential executive order that directly affected her business. The question in both cases was, what to do with the press?

Bragging Isn’t Just for Social Media

Most professionals know that good press is hard to come by. When it happens, you need to make the most of it. There is no question, links to the news article on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms will build your reputation and establish you as an expert in your field. Among experts, the question is where, how, and how frequently, these articles should be shared across social media, not whether to do so at all.

But in the blogging world, people are often hesitant to feature the good words someone else has for them. Some of this is warranted. Copyright prevents you from copying and pasting the entire news article onto your website without permission, or using quotes without attribution. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t legal and legitimate ways to make great use of the content.

Tips for a Great Bragging Blog

If you have been featured by a newspaper or are a guest speaker at a conference, those are perfect opportunities to turn up the pride and post about what you have done. Here are some tips to make full use of a great bragging blog:

Cite the Source!

This is true whenever you include a quote from another article, but if you are are bragging about being interviewed, you should make a big deal about the interviewer. Go ahead. Make a big deal about the publishing source. Talk about how great, influential, or ground-breaking they are. The better they look, the better you look, too.

Pull a Great Quote

Find that part of the article that makes you look amazing and use it. Set it apart as a block quote and include the “said Mr. Jones” part. That shows the article relied on you and your expertise, while at the same time giving your readers the benefit of your knowledge.

Keep It Informational

Even though you are bragging, keep in mind that your readers are there to learn something. Surround references to the feature article with high-quality informational content so that your followers still feel like they are getting something from reading your post.

Include Back-Links

Since you aren’t quoting the entire article, make sure your readers can easily click through and see the feature article. You may even want to post a comment on the original source, letting them know that they have been featured.

Share It Wide

Here’s where social media comes in. Once the post is polished and proof-read, spread it to all your social media outlets. If you are someone who normally separates business and personal accounts, this may be a time to pierce that veil and let everyone from your aunt to your best friend know about how cool you are this week. Just avoid complaining in your posts, or it could get labelled a #humblebrag.

Don’t Be a Braggart — Be Selective

While bragging on your blog can be great, doing it too much can just get annoying. For example, if you are a criminal lawyer carrying 30-50 cases at any one time, it may not make sense to post every time you get a favorable settlement. You may want to hold off for those rare dismissals or jury verdicts.

The key to bragging blogs is pacing. You should write enough of them so your readers feel like you are known as an expert without taking away from the high-quality informational content they follow you for. The more often you blog, the more you may be able to slip in feature pieces about your most recent award or speaking engagement. But make sure it never takes away from your readers and the information they hope to get from you.

If you feel like it is distracting from the focus of your blog, you could also use a separate “Awards and Accolades” section on your website. By posting your articles there, you know the reader is specifically looking for what makes you special. And there’s nothing stopping you from sharing those articles just like you would any other blog post.

Bragging on a blog is more about art than science. When something big happens, you can certainly feature it. But consider ways that will continue to serve your clients, while reminding them why they come to you in the first place.

Lisa Schmidt is a writer for Legal Linguist. She writes blogs and web content for lawyers and small businesses. If you need help creating high quality content for your professional website, contact Legal Linguist today to schedule a meeting.