Know When to Take It Offline

Even if your business is completely virtual, there are times when you need to take it offline. Customer interactions and professional referral relationships sometimes take a personal touch that the Internet simply cannot offer. Continue reading

Is an e-Newsletter Right for Your Business?

Somewhere along the line, everyone ends up on someone’s emailing list. But have you ever stopped to consider the marketing value of that e-newsletter? It could be the tool you need to fill out your online marketing strategy. Continue reading

How Are You Using LinkedIn?

Most professionals have developed a LinkedIn account at some point in their career. But just having a profile doesn’t let LinkedIn work for you the way it could. How you use it can make the difference between a waste of time and a lucrative business opportunity. Continue reading

Should You Move Your Practice Online?

The Cloud is a popular place these days. Industry experts will be quick to tell you to save your data to a server or even manage your practice online. But should you move your practice online? Modern technology says the answer may not be no. Continue reading

Weekly Blogging Too Much? Consider a Blog Co-Op

Busy solo attorneys may have a tough time keeping up with the demands of a regular weekly blog. But they still may be able to get some of the benefits by organizing a blogging co-op with other local professionals. Continue reading