Strip Away Clutter to Reveal a Unique Value Proposition

How do you answer the question”What do you do?” Do you rely on your job title? Fumble your way through a list of recent clients? A clear unique value proposition statement prepared and ready to go can make you more memorable and can help attract your ideal clients.

This week’s blog continues a review of the book, Reinventing Professional Services; Building Your Business in the Digital Marketplace, by Ari Kaplan. Chapter 6 focuses on how stripping away the “stuff” of your practice can make you more nimble and responsive to consumer needs. Kaplan says:

“In an innovation driven market, it is critical for individuals and organizations to routinely reevaluate their efforts to determine whether they are operating at optimal efficiency and reaching their client base or pool of patients in the most effective way possible. Yet professionals often avoid this exercise because such an assessment is disruptive and tends to force change.”

When it comes to blogging, you can determine optimal efficiency by stripping your business model down to its unique value proposition. Sure, you’re a lawyer. So are the other 40,000 attorneys in Michigan. But why would anyone want to hire you, in particular?

As more legal services are becoming commoditized and digitized, it is up to entrepreneurial lawyers to find new ways to explain what they do and why a customer would need them. Do you have a unique approach? Perhaps you provide a counselor relationship with clients or provide expertise in a particular niche area. Kaplan says:

“Those who can articulate and deliver on the promises they make at the outset are more likely to find success. . . . ‘If you want to differentiate yourself, you have to make the business case to the client that every dollar they are spending on you is a value and will yield a return on their investment,’ [Mark Harris, co-founder and CEO, Axiom, New York] says.”

A blog is an excellent way to differentiate yourself and put yourself in front of potential clients before they decide they even need a lawyer at all. With more clients turning to the Internet for answers first, a blog puts your firm and your expertise in front of them at the beginning of their search. Then when they determine that they really can’t do this alone, you are the expert they know they can trust.

But for your blog to be truly effective, it must be stripped of clutter. Every post should connect back to your unique value proposition in some way. Readers should have no question about what you do by the time they finish the post.

If you are able to use your blog to clearly convey the unique value proposition for your firm, you will find prospective clients better informed, and better targeted to the kind of work you want to be doing.

Lisa Schmidt is a writer with Legal Linguist in Ferndale, Michigan. She writes blogs and web content for law firms and small businesses. If you want a blog that conveys your company’s unique business proposition, contact Legal Linguist today to schedule a meeting.

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