Take Your Networking Online Through Social Media

Modern professionals may find in-person networking difficult. It may seem time consuming or you may not enjoy interacting in that kind of setting. Luckily, modern technology now allows you to take your networking online through social media. And you can use your blog to do it. Continue reading

Should Professionals Be Marketing Yourself or Your Business?

If you are in a professional service industry, like law or accounting, it can sometimes be hard to separate yourself from your business. Your clients hire you, refer you, and trust you, not your company. So why do you spend so much time marketing your business instead of yourself? Continue reading

Strip Away Clutter to Reveal a Unique Value Proposition

How do you answer the question”What do you do?” Do you rely on your job title? Fumble your way through a list of recent clients? A clear unique value proposition statement prepared and ready to go can make you more memorable and can help attract your ideal clients. Continue reading

Getting Personal in a Digital and Social Media World

How well do you know your clients? Do you understand their needs, or simply know what forms to fill out for them? In an age of digital services and social media, you can’t afford not to know your clients. Unless you get personal, you could see them, and your business walk out the virtual door. Continue reading