Get Blog Ideas From Your Calendar

If you blog regularly, finding new, relevant, interesting topics is always a challenge. One place you may not have thought to look for inspiration is your calendar. Holidays, appointments, and even the seasons can be a source for new material.

What are you blogging about this week? Next month? How about in December? Do you know? Where do your ideas come from? If you are running up against writer’s block, you may need to go no further than your calendar.

Holidays As Headlines

Look ahead a week or two on your calendar. Are there any holiday’s coming up? There are national recognition days for almost every day of the year. It may be as silly as “national cheesecake day” (which by the way will be July 30, 2017) or as somber as Veterans Day. Holidays, awareness months, and even the silly holidays can be a source for blog topics. Fall is a particularly good time for holiday headlines. Back to school, Halloween, and Thanksgiving line up back to back, providing you with lots of material for your next blog post. Ask yourself, “How does my target audience celebrate this holiday?” Then find a hook into one of your services and go from there.

Appointments Can Raise Frequently Asked Questions

If holidays aren’t inspiring you, look at your personal schedule. Do you have a meeting with a new client coming up? Will you be attending a conference? Your personal itinerary can be a fount of inspiration. Think about the questions you are likely to encounter during those meetings. Generalize the advice you plan to give to your client or the content of the seminar where you are speaking. This will provide you with high-quality informative blog content easily based on your own established expertise – no research required!

Seasons Bring Their Own Issues, and Content

Sometimes you don’t need to get that specific to find a topic for your next blog post. Even if your calendar is bare, the seasons can still provide a wealth of content ideas. What do shortening days or cooler weather mean to your practice? Are there trends in your business that follow the seasons? Do your clients tend to need a particular type of service this time of year? By writing about seasonal changes in your work, you can respond to potential clients needs even before they pick up the phone.

Finding fresh content ideas every week can be hard. Sometimes you hit a wall. When that happens, let your calendar be your friend. By taking a close look at upcoming holidays, appointments, and seasons, you may soon find your blog scheduled into next Tuesday.

Lisa Schmidt is a writer for Legal Linguist in Ferndale, Michigan. She writes blogs and web content for law firms and small businesses. If your website needs regularly updated content, contact Legal Linguist today to schedule a meeting.

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