Choosing the Right FAQs for Your Law Firm Website

Are you using effective Frequently Asked Questions to drive potential customers from your website to your door? Choosing the Right FAQs for your law firm website can demonstrate expertise and attract a well-focused customer base.

Hiring a lawyer is about getting help in a troubled time. Most attorneys step into their clients’ lives in the moment of crisis, and promise to fix it. So before a client signs your Retainer Agreement, they have to feel like they can trust you.

Good attorneys know how important trust is to the work they do. They include trust-building each step of the way, from the initial consultation with the potential client to the termination letter at the end of the case. By providing information, being available to answer questions, and even just being open to listen to the problem, attorneys build a rapport with their customers to better represent their needs.

But did you ever stop to think if you could start building that trust before the potential client ever picks up the phone? The right FAQs on your law firm’s website can do just that. By providing reliable, accurate answers to potential clients’ most burning questions, you establish that they can trust you even before they ever meet you.

Informational FAQs Establish Your Expertise

There are some questions you answer in every consultation. Whether it is “Will my ex need to be served?” or “When do I need to incorporate my business?” there are some things that you just come to expect. By providing answers to these informational questions online, a potential customer gets a tiny piece of your legal expertise before they decide to hire you. This groundwork establishes you as an expert in your field: someone who knows what you are doing and are able to help with their problems.

Limiting FAQs Help Weed Out Poor Clients

Most law firms get calls every day asking if they handle a variety of different practice areas. If you are building a niche market, turning all those clients away can be time consuming and depressing. Well chosen FAQs can answer common questions from potential customers like:

  • Do you handle a particular kind of law?
  • What counties do you practice in?
  • Are the potential clients eligible for what they are seeking?

Limiting FAQs won’t eliminate the cold calls or the shoppers. But it can help weed out clients you won’t be able to help in the first place.

Targeted FAQs Can Educate Clients

What about the customers you do want? By providing information like “What should I bring to my consultation?” or “How are my attorney fees paid?” you can provide education to potential clients and make better use of the limited time you spend face-to-face.

A well-crafted FAQ page can do more than just boost SEO. They can also weed out poor referrals, educate clients, and build trust. Before you scratch an FAQs list off your web content plan, take another look. You may be surprised how much it will help.

Author Lisa Schmidt

Lisa Schmidt is a writer for Legal Linguist in Ferndale, Michigan. She writes blogs and web content for law firms and small businesses. If you need help creating an effective FAQ for your firm, contact Legal Linguist today to schedule a meeting.

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