New Lawyers: Use Tech Savvy to Your Advantage

If you are a new lawyer, freshly hired into a small law firm, there may be a part of your work that doesn’t show up on a job description: unofficial IT support. While there is no reason your partners should assume you will be better at updating Windows or troubleshooting a printer, you may be able to use your tech savvy to your advantage. Continue reading

Should My Blog Contain External Links?

Are external links a good idea for your blog? Do they direct readers away from your website or do they tie your blog to other, more highly trafficked sites? There seems to be a growing divide among marketers, but as lawyers-writers the choice is clear: cite your sources. Continue reading

Why I Am Not Blogging My Thoughts

Last week was rough. Two instances of white police shooting black men, both with videos led up to several gunmen shooting 11 police officers, killing 5, during a protest. I have a lot of thoughts about all of this. A lot. But here’s why I’m not blogging my thoughts. Continue reading