Where to Start for your Blog? Frequently Asked Questions

When you just get started writing your blog, you may have trouble coming up with topics. Even veteran bloggers can sometimes hit a wall-sized writer’s block. When you don’t know where to turn, ask yourself: “What are the frequently asked questions I’m always answering?”

In my Facebook feed recently, someone wrote:

In search of local business lawyer willing to give free advice.

Whether it’s online, at a networking event, or even around the family dinner table, lawyers are always being asked questions. While no one likes giving away free legal advice, answering those frequently asked questions can quickly establish your expertise. That’s why FAQs make a great first stop on the way to a regular blogging habit.

No Research Required

Because these frequently asked questions already come up regularly in your practice, you don’t have to worry about doing a lot of extra research. You already know the legal basis for your answers. In fact, you may even already have a canned response. All you need to do for the blog is pose the question and then write your answer in a way a layperson can understand.

Easily Add Value

Frequently Asked Questions come directly from clients and prospective clients. So you can be sure that a blog that answers these questions will easily add value to your website. Clients can refer back to the blog for refreshers. You can also make those resources available to your staff to make sure they aren’t providing false legal advice

Establish Expertise

A well-written FAQ gives potential clients can get a taste of your expertise before even picking up the phone. It shows you know your stuff while at the same time helping weed out callers who are just looking for a few free answers.

Not Legal Advice

With a FAQ blog, you don’t have to worry about accidentally giving away free legal advice. That’s because the legal statements you make aren’t specific to anyone’s case. A potential client reading your blog is no more connected to you than a shopper browsing through a book you’ve written at a book store. If you are nervous about the ethical implications, you can also add a disclaimer to the footer of your blog warning readers you do not intend the blog to be legal advice.

Frequently Asked Questions are a great way to start a useful and informative blog. Any time your fount of inspiration runs dry, you can always add another question to get started again.


Author Lisa Schmidt

Lisa Schmidt is a writer for Legal Linguist in Ferndale, Michigan. She writes blogs and web content for law firms and small businesses. If need someone to handle your blog for you, contact Legal Linguist today to schedule a meeting.

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