Oops! I Missed a Blog Post!

Sometimes, there is simply no time to blog. If you’ve missed a blog post because of an emergency, the last thing you need is more stress. Find out some ways to redeem yourself when unexpected circumstances keep you from meeting your blogging deadlines.

If you are a regular reader of Legal Linguist, you may have noticed something missing last week. My blog. As I headed to court for a long divorce trial last week, I thought:

Oops! I missed a blog post!

There are lots of reasons you might miss a blog post:

  • An unexpected client emergency;
  • A sick child;
  • A trial that runs long;
  • A cold that won’t quit.

Any one crisis can put you behind schedule. And it’s easy to let your own marketing goals take a back seat to family or client needs. While it’s important to post regularly, missing one post isn’t going to ruin your online reputation. So when you do miss a blog post, here are some tips to get back on the horse.

Don’t Make a Big Deal About Missing a Blog Post

You don’t have to apologize to your readers about a missed blog post.Few subscribers read every post one after another. So your apology could draw attention to something readers otherwise wouldn’t even notice. Particularly if you post your apology as part of an unrelated blog post, all you are doing is memorializing your error. Later on, when you go back to review your past posts, you’ll be reminded over and over about that one time you missed a blog post.

Do Get Right Back On Schedule

Instead of dwelling on one missed post, commit to regular blog posts. Choose a writing day based on your typical weekly schedule. But allow yourself the flexibility to make changes when the need arises. It’s best to plan your writing day at least 48 hours before your blog goes live. That way if something comes up, you have time to catch up before you have missed a blog post.

Don’t Be Afraid to Use Back-up Blogs

If your business has rushes and down times, use them to your advantage. During the slow times, write several informational blogs that can be used at any time – like frequently asked questions. Then, when the crunch comes, you can take a week off from writing just by using one of your back-up blogs. The key to a good back-up blog is that it isn’t time-sensitive. It should be a topic that will be appropriate whenever you need it.

Do Offer Alternative Social Media Content

Just because you didn’t write a blog doesn’t mean you have to disappear from social media. Consider sharing links to your favorite inspirational blogs instead. You’ll keep your social media account fresh and give your followers something to read while you work away on your emergency issue.

Hopefully you never find yourself saying “Oops! I missed a blog post!” But at least now, if it happens, you’ll have strategies in place to help fill the gap and maintain a strong content marketing presence online.

Author Lisa Schmidt

Lisa Schmidt is a writer for Legal Linguist in Ferndale, Michigan. She writes blogs and web content for attorneys and small businesses. If you need help creating regular new content for your website, contact Legal Linguist today to schedule a meeting.

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