Most lawyers think of blogging primarily as a marketing tactic – a way to get customers in the door and create more revenue. But web content also provides added value. By creating restricted blog content, you can give your best clients more for their money.

What do you do to provide your clients added value? Some lawyers send out newsletters, cards, or gifts to past clients. The goal is to remind past clients of how caring, competent, and professional you really are. So why not take that to the web?

Everyone knows that exclusivity increases value. But it can also allow you a certain amount of freedom. Many lawyers are worried that their blog might accidentally provide legal advice to non-clients. Because of this, they will intentionally keep their blogs “fluffy” and avoid providing substantial information.

But if you create a special portal on your website just for clients, you can use that space to provide more in-depth legal advice on typical areas of your practice. Here’s what I mean:

A family law firm creates a client portal on its website and gives each client a log in. On its face, this portal allows clients to download and pay invoices, upload confidential documents, and get access to pleadings. These are all important parts of a traditional attorney-client relationship, but it doesn’t add value.

Now that same family lawyer creates one-page informational pamphlets on custody, best interest factors, planning for retirement after divorce, and steps to take to refinance the marital home. All together, those four handouts may take the attorney 5-6 hours to write, proof-read and polish. But by making them available online and letting clients know they exist, the lawyer can avoid spending an hour or more explaining these common issues in every divorce case.

Even better, the family attorney’s clients feel like they have received something special. Because they have to log in to access the documents, they feel like they have inside information. And because they can download it and take it with them, they perceive an added value on top of the attorney’s in-person advice.

What frequently asked questions could you write a one-pager on? Are there topics you have to advise clients about regularly? Consider setting up your website to include an exclusive client portal. You’ll save yourself time and effort, while at the same time making your clients feel like they got more for their money.

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Lisa Schmidt is a writer for Legal Linguist. She provides blogging and web content solutions for law firms and small businesses. If you don’t have time to write your one-page downloadable content, she can do it for you. Contact Legal Linguist today to schedule a meeting and check one more thing off of your to-do list.