The Flowery Language of the Late Anton Scalia

The passing of Antonin Scalia took America by surprise and has lit up the political landscape. While Scalia’s legal opinions and perspectives were controversial, to say the least, his command of the written word, particularly the scathing dissent, will be an important part of his legacy. Continue reading

5 Ways to Give Your Readers Headaches

Are you sick of readers hanging around, reading post after post and using up your bandwidth? Get rid of those pesky readers quickly by giving them headaches. Headaches will drive your readers away and leave you in peace and quiet. Here are 5 sure fire ways to give your readers headaches today: Continue reading

How NOT to Write an Effective Court Motion

Sometime during those three long years you spent in law school, you probably absorbed some tips on writing an effective court motion. This woman didn’t get that memo. Her motion to a United States Federal District Court is a primer on how not to write an effective court motion. Continue reading

Does Your Website Focus on You or Your Clients?

When readers have a problem, they turn to the Internet for a solution. It is so common, there is even a web-acronym LMGTFY: “Let Me Google That For You.” To be successful, your website should be the place to go for readers with problems to find answers. So ask yourself, does your website focus on you or your clients? Will readers find the solution to their problems, or a shrine to the owner of your company? Continue reading