Is your blog page sitting empty because you are waiting for inspiration to strike? Has your content dried up because you don’t have time when an idea strikes you? Don’t wait for a chance encounter with your muse. Schedule an appointment with your inspiration today.

I heard it again this week. A new blogger put off writing until the motivation came over him. “It’s not a process I can force,” he said. I disagree.

What would happen if you dealt with customers the same way this blogger treated his blog writing? If you waited for customers to walk in the door on your own, you would quickly go out of business. Your clients would forget their to do lists and lose interest in your services. Soon you would slip their minds entirely.

So what makes you think your own brain works any differently? Busy lawyers and business owners live and die by the deadline. Anything not scheduled risks slipping through the cracks.

And that includes writing. If you wait for inspiration to strike before putting pen to paper, you will soon find clients’ needs, appointments, and other deadlines leave you no time to return inspiration’s phone call.

When your muse does stop by, you probably won’t be ready. You may come up with a perfect title while driving between appointments, or find yourself impassioned by something you witnessed in court, only for your case to be called next. You won’t have time to drop everything and respond to that message.

That’s why it is so important to treat your muse like you would any other client. Schedule an appointment right on your calendar to spend time with your inspiration. Ask it what time of day works best, and take advantage of that pique writing time.

Give your inspiration an agenda. Don’t just show up and expect it to perform. Plan ahead. Schedule your topics in advance so you are ready for the meeting when the time comes.

Then gather your notes. In the days leading up to the appointment, you may find articles, news items, or cases that fit your agenda. Book mark them and bring them with you when you attend your muse meeting.

But what about that blogger’s objection – that you can’t force inspiration? How can you expect your muse to show up for the meeting?

Here’s the thing. Just like your clients, your inspiration will be more reliable the more frequently you touch base with it. By scheduling time, planning, topics, and gathering notes, you will check in with your inspiration throughout the week. With the issue at top-of-mind, your muse will be more likely, not less, that it will keep the appointment.

Don’t put your marketing efforts on hold waiting for elusive motivation to strike. Take control of your muse by scheduling an appointment with your inspiration today.

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Lisa Schmidt is a writer and blog coach for Legal Linguist in Ferndale, Michigan. She helps new bloggers create habits and strategies to grow a successful following. If you are starting a blog and need some guidance, contact Legal Linguist today to schedule a meeting.