Schedule an Appointment With Your Inspiration

Is your blog page sitting empty because you are waiting for inspiration to strike? Has your content dried up because you don’t have time when an idea strikes you? Don’t wait for a chance encounter with your muse. Schedule an appointment with your inspiration today. Continue reading

Use Mind Mapping to Plan Your Blog

The most successful bloggers don’t find their topics one at a time. Instead, they plan ahead, coming up with categories, topics, and even individual post ideas. A mind map is a great way to organize all those thoughts in one place. Continue reading

Guest Post: Can Your Readers Navigate Your Blog?

Do you want readers or clients? Is it enough for them to land on your blog, or do you want them to walk through your door? Whether a casual reader becomes a paying client can depend on a lot of things. Don’t let your website stand in the way. Take the time to make sure your readers can navigate your blog. Continue reading

What’s Your Marketing Goal for 2016?

January is all about goal-setting. Whether you are committing to a New Year’s Resolution or updating your business plan, this time of year everyone is looking ahead. So what does the future look like for you? And how are you going to get there? What is your marketing goal for 2016? Continue reading