How Are Your Headlines Bringing You Happy Clients?

If you are relying on search engines or social media to bring you readers, then you already know the importance of a good quality headline. So how can you invite the click? How can you get your reader to read on?In the era of the constant news stream, an eye catching headline is the difference between a flop and going viral. To help you create a click-worthy title for your next blog, Barry Feldman of Social Media Today has created a handy infographic, all about H.E.A.D.L.I.N.E.S.

Writing Headlines for BlogsFeldman lists several different strategies you can incorporate to make a compelling headline. Not all of them will work for every post. But by using one or more each time, you will make your article more clickable.


Potential readers are often looking to solve a problem. This is especially true for lawyer blogs. Unless they have stumbled upon your article in a friend’s news feed, they are probably looking for help with a legal problem. Your headline should address the problem you want to help them solve.

Example: How to Avoid Filing for Bankruptcy


Whenever you can, invoke an emotional response in your title. This will make your readers want to read on by triggering a different part of your brain. The best emotions are positive, but anger and even curiosity can work.

Example: Get Relief from Collections Companies


Use a question to spark your reader’s curiosity and make them want to read on to find the answer. Make sure your blog answer the question.

Example: When Should You Call a Lawyer?

Do’s and Don’t’s

Your blog is there to provide information. One of the easiest ways to convey that is what you are doing is to create a list of things to do or don’t do. It gives the reader a clear picture of what information she will get from reading on.

Example: What To Do First After an Auto Accident


Who doesn’t love a Top Ten list? These headlines inspire readers to collect all the items in the list, and they can only do that by reading to the end!

Example: 7 Most Common Firing Mistakes for Small Businesses


Certain ideas can inspire your readers. Engage their passions, their compassion, or their sense of justice, and they will be quick to read on.

Example: Man Goes to Prison For Being Too Poor to Pay


Build in an emotional hook that frightens your readers. Make them want to find out how they can avoid the terrible situation you describe in your headline.

Example: How Not to Lose Your Children in a Custody Battle


Your headlines should show you understand your readers’ needs and you feel for them. An informal headline that echoes their emotions can build trust and get them to keep reading.

Example: Adoption Success Stories to Warm Your Heart


One of the best ways to turn readers into paying clients is to convince them you can solve their problem. That process can start right from the headline. Give them a glimpse of the success you will help them achieve.

Example: A Great Business Plan is Step 1 to Profit

Without a great headline, your best writing will go unread. Without an audience, none of your marketing efforts will result in paying clients. So take the time to take a second look at your title and write better H.E.A.D.L.I.N.E.S.

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