Leftover Thanksgiving turkey is sitting in your refrigerator, waiting for you to indulge again. Your favorite radio station has converted itself to a 24/7 Christmas carol machine. There’s no escape. The holidays are coming. How should you handle the holiday season on your professional blog?

Holidays can wreak havoc on your blog schedule. They can interrupt scheduled blog times or flood your carefully scheduled social media release with pictures of family, food, or holiday wishes. Don’t give up. There are some great ways to handle holiday blogging to make them work for you.

Shift Your Publication Date

If you normally publish on Friday, but this year, the next two Fridays will be full of Christmas trees and New Year’s party pictures, consider shifting your publication date. Think about how these holidays affect your readers’ schedules.

Will they be cramming all their work into shortened work days earlier in the week? If so, maybe an evening post will be effective, so they can read it while they give their brains a rest after a hard day’s work.

Will they be trying to find a way to get away from family the day after the holiday? If so, you could push your post to Saturday and choose a lighter topic that doesn’t make them feel like they are working.

Embrace the Multi-Cultural Web

If your readers (and potential clients) tend to fall into a minority that does not follow the same religious holidays, take advantage of it. Go ahead and publish on the holiday itself, and write about issues directly affecting that minority. For example, a family lawyer with a large Jewish client-base could publish an article on Christmas day addressing how important it is for Jewish families to include their own holidays in any parenting time schedule. Your minority readers may well spend a lot of time browsing the Internet when shops are closed. Give them something to read that is relevant to them and they will thank you for it.

Blog About Holiday Issues

Just because you run a professional blog doesn’t mean you should ignore the holiday spirit. One big mistake many professional bloggers make is continuing their regularly scheduled blog topics and ignoring the celebrations going on around it. No one wants their blog to be a Scrooge.

Instead, embrace the holidays. Identify holiday issues that relate to your business, and write blogs that make people think about those issues. For example, an auto accident attorney could write about drunk driving accidents for New Year’s Eve, encouraging people to use a designated driver or call a cab after they finish ringing in the new year.

Blogging around the holidays doesn’t have to be a chore. Instead, let the festivities inspire you. Consider when, and how, your audience will be looking for distractions. Take topical cues from your own traditions. Embrace those who may not celebrate as you do. But whatever you do, don’t just stop writing because it’s Christmas. Blog on! And may your posts be merry and bright.

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Lisa J. Schmidt is a ghost-blogger for Legal Linguist in Ferndale, Michigan. She provides high-quality blog content for law firms and small businesses. If your web marketing needs a boost, contact Legal Linguist today to schedule a meeting.