Make the Most of Speaking Engagements

You’ve been invited to give a big talk in front of your peers. What an honor! Find out how to make the opportunity work for you by making the most of your speaking engagements.

On November 12, 2015, I was honored to present “Proving Paternity” at the Institute of Continuing Legal Education‘s Family Law Institute. I got to introduce two new paternity laws to dozens of my peers (hundreds through the written material) and be introduced by an influential local judge. Pretty awesome, right?

So now what? How do I go from giving a talk to making the most of a speaking engagement? Is it enough to give a good presentation?

Speaking engagements are a great way to demonstrate your expertise and build your reputation as a thought leader in your industry. They are an excellent resume booster as well. Your speech can have far greater impact than the just people in the audience or at the conference, though, if you take right steps before and after your talk.

Build Anticipation Through Social Media

Starting about a month before the big event, begin posting about how much you are looking forward to speaking on all of your social media platforms. Share the event on Facebook and help get the word out. By building attendance at the conference you will build your audience as well.

Make sure to tag the institution you are speaking for. Their audience is likely far larger than your own, so tap in to. If the conference has a hashtag, use it. This will help build hype for the event and connect to participants so they can follow what you are doing.

The day of the presentation, go all out. Take selfies at the conference. Live tweet key points from fellow presenters. Give it your best on social media. Make it the big deal you want it to be.

Give an Awesome Presentation

You can’t make the most of a speaking engagement if you aren’t compelling while on stage. Be prepared. Use all the visuals and storytelling techniques you have learned for blogging. If available, use presentation software to take advantage of visual learning techniques. Be compelling and engaging. Answer as many questions as you can. Let yourself stand out among the speakers so people will remember you and what you had to say.

Get Access to Any Recordings

If the speaking engagement was recorded, get permission to republish it on your website. Strip away any advertising and just upload the video or audio. (Remember to give attribution and link back to your hosting organization!) Provide easy downloads for any slides or handouts.

By putting it all online, if someone didn’t get to attend your talk in person, they can find it on your website. This also gives you a high-quality resource to use when clients or referral partners ask about the topic in the future.

Blog About It

Summarize your talk into a blog article or white paper. Publish it on your website along with your materials. You may even want to do a longer piece for a local trade publications or an online news outlet. By writing about the topic of your speaking engagement you can get more bang for your researching buck.

Preparing an awesome presentation takes time. Make the most of it by reusing that knowledge in your online web marketing. Don’t let a speaking engagement go quietly. By making a big deal about the event before, during, and after your talk, you will make the most of your speaking engagement and get the best marketing value for your time and energy.

Lisa Schmidt is a writer for Legal Linguist, located in Ferndale, Michigan. She ghost writes articles and blogs for lawyers. If you need help turning your presentation into a publishable article, contact Legal Linguist today to schedule a meeting.

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