5 Steps to Edit Your Brief (Or Your Blog)

Whether you win or lose a case can often hinge on a single brief, so you want everything to be perfect. But what if you don’t have another lawyer available to look everything over? You can’t edit your own writing, can you? Yes. You can. Continue reading

SEO 201: Beyond Keywords

Congratulations! You have taken the time to identify some top keywords and are using them in your business’s web content. Unfortunately, keywords are only Step 1 to understanding high quality SEO. Step 2 is all about going further into natural language. Continue reading

New Associates Should Blog To Bring Value to Their Law Firms

New associates in medium to large law firms are always looking for new ways to stand out and get noticed. What about a law blog? By creating a high-quality legal blog, you can bring value, and clients, to your law firm and take the first steps up the partnership ladder. Continue reading

On Writing Privately

I’ve been writing a lot lately. Between my paid blogs and my own web content, sometimes I feel like it’s hard to keep up. But when I turn to friends for support, I’m surprised by their advice. They tell me I’m not writing enough. Specifically, I am not writing privately. Continue reading