Blogging Can Make You A Better Lawyer For Your Clients

A growing number of attorneys are beginning to see the importance of blogging for building a web marketing presence. But could it also make them better lawyers?

For a lot of attorneys, a good day’s work means a case won, a well-researched argument, or a well-crafted document. We pride ourselves on our intelligence and our ability to understand difficult concepts. While case outcomes are certainly important, they are not enough.

A good lawyer is a partner to their client, advocating on their behalf and explaining the intricacies of the law. Unfortunately, far too many lawyers have forgotten the importance of being understandable. They get wrapped up in the complexity of the law and forget that it is part of their jobs to break it down for their clients, to make it so they can understand what is happening.

But blogging can help. Blogs are written for everyday people. You can’t use legalese or expect readers to hang with you through long, complicated explanations. You have to find ways to use everyday language and give tight explanations. You can’t ramble on. There is simply no space for it.

By practicing blogging, you will get better at explaining the law to your readers. You will find ways to use examples and stories to break down difficult concepts into pieces others will understand. There is no concept that is too complicated to blog about. You just have to be smart about it.

You can use that skill to be a better advocate for your clients. By using some of the same language, the same examples, you will help your clients through some of their toughest legal challenges.

Take the blog I wrote a few months ago called “What Do All Those Web Companies Do?” Website management is a concept that simply goes over the heads of most lawyers. Instead of slogging through foreign terms and obscure acronyms, I used an analogy of setting up a new apartment to explain how all the different pieces fit together. You might think apartments have nothing to do with blogging, but it helped my legally minded client understand a technologically complicated idea.

Blogging isn’t just about bringing someone in the door. It is also about honing your ability to explain your area of expertise to the broader world. By taking advantage of that skill, you can serve your clients better and make it easier for them to recommend you to their family and friends.

Author Lisa Schmidt

Lisa Schmidt is a blog coach for Legal Linguist. She helps aspiring legal bloggers find their voice. If you want to start blogging to build your business, contact Legal Linguist today to set up a meeting.

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