More and more attorneys are using Google AdWords and other advertisers to get their sponsored links at the top of potential clients’ search results. But if you don’t back that ad up with a quality landing page, your viewers are just going to bounce.

Congratulations! You have entered the world of web advertising by signing up for your first (or hundredth) Google AdWords campaign. You’ve put your money on the line to try and catch the eye of potential clients searching for a lawyer in your specialty on the web. That’s a great first step!

But if you don’t back that ad up, you could be just throwing that money away. Your Google AdWords ROI depends on where the ad takes readers when they click.

If you are like most lawyers I know, we all have more than one practice area. Maybe you do personal injury and auto negligence, or family law and parental termination cases. Maybe you are a general practitioner who handles a little bit of everything. Whatever your focus, potential clients aren’t coming to you for your breadth of knowledge. Instead they care about one thing: Can you solve their problem.

The beauty of Google AdWords is that you can focus your advertising on people who are explicitly looking for someone who does what you do. You can target ads based on geography, keyword, and other variables to help make sure the people looking at your ad are hungry. But what happens when they click on that link?

Unfortunately, a lot of lawyers spend all their advertising money on the ads themselves, and none on creating a landing page for convincing potential clients to request a consultation. Many lawyers just direct ad clicks back to their homepage, but that means that the piece the reader is looking for gets muddled by all those other practice areas.

Instead, take the time to create a specific landing page for each of your AdWord campaigns. If your ad is targeting “family law attorney” then direct readers to a page that tells them all about your experience, thought leadership, and expertise in the area of domestic litigation. Add testimonials and pictures to show readers you aren’t just making this stuff up. And put a strong call to action right at the top (and again at the bottom if it doesn’t scroll with the reader) so potential clients can have easy access to you and your firm.

A landing page is like the full page ad that your short TV spot points to. It lets you go into detail and helps close the deal. So don’t scrimp on your web advertising by giving potential clients just one line. Follow up the sell with a robust landing page that will leave them wanting to sign you up.

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Lisa Schmidt is a writer for Legal Linguist. She helps law firms and small businesses craft high-quality online content to drive clients to their doors. If you need help writing landing pages for your online ads, contact Legal Linguist today to schedule a meeting.