5 Lessons You Can Learn From Clickbait

No one likes it when you click on an article, only to discover the title does not match the content. If you are like many readers, you may find yourself wondering why you even clicked on some links. It may be because of a clickbait title. But there are some things you as a blogger can learn from clickbait which will increase your readership.

1. Use Numbers

Many clickbait titles include a number. Whether it’s a Top 10 list or the 7 Latest Trends, numbers catch your eye and make you stop to read the headline. Notice, they are numerals, not spelled out numbers. In a sea of text on social media, the word four is no more appealing than the word foul, but a 4 stands out. Whenever possible, add numbers to your titles to catch readers eyes as they scroll on by.

2. Use Catchy Pictures

Clickbait links are never just a title. They always include an image that will draw the viewers’ eyes. Try to use bright colors, like red, which will stand out on the page and represent high energy. Make sure that picture is your “featured image” in WordPress, so it shows up every time the link to your post is shared.

3. Use Emotions

In their pictures and their titles, clickbait authors will focus on invoking a specific emotion in their viewers. There are many reasons why readers will engage with you, but curiosity is not the strongest. Research has shown that feel-good posts are actually the most likely to be clicked on, followed by posts that invoke anger.

4. Be Relevant

One of the fastest ways to get someone to click on your link is to tie it in with a popular trend. While it might be difficult to authentically connect your law firm to the latest popular TV show, you may be able to talk about celebrity divorces or big company mergers. By tapping in to what’s popular on social media you will enter the conversation and get your post in front of more eyes.

5. Ask Questions

You’ve probably clicked on more polls than you would like to admit, only to give up on them rather than wade through all the advertisements. So why do you click? Because the link asked you a question. It created that question in your mind, and more than likely, you wanted an answer to it. So you click to find out the answer, even if it is to a silly question like “What kind of flower are you?”

Nobody wants their blogs to be seen as clickbait. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t tactics to be learned from their titles. The important difference is to make sure, after you have used those tactics, your blog post is informative, authentic, and directly connected to your catchy title. That way once they click, they stay, read, and ultimately become a client.

Lisa Schmidt is a writer for Legal Linguist. She provides content for blogs and websites that is designed to drive up visibility, readership, and sales. If your marketing strategy includes creating high quality web content, contact Legal Linguist today to set up a meeting.

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