Using a Downloadable to Build Reputation

Do you have a flier that you hand to your clients? Are there certain questions potential clients always ask? Using a convenient downloadable on your website and social media outlets can give your readers something to take away and build your reputation.

What’s a Downloadable?

A downloadable is an updated version of the traditional take-away flier. It’s a short, well-designed piece that conveys your expertise and answers potential clients’ questions. It should be tightly focused on one topic, not trying to cover everything you do.

A downloadable is also not a whitepaper. It won’t cover every nuance of your topic, and it won’t take very long to read. Instead it spotlights the customer’s biggest concerns about what they are considering hiring you for. For example:

  • What to expect;
  • How long it might take;
  • What the basic law is.

A downloadable usually ends with a “Call to Action” – telling future customers how to get more information, and how to give you money.

Building a Database

What makes a downloadable better than your traditional flier is that you can get something for it. In particular, you can ask visitors to register for email updates or subscribe to your blog before they download your flier. This helps you build a database of potential clients that you can send additional content. Later emails announcing big firm wins, public speaking engagements, or future blogs, can help transform that potential client to a paying client.

Building Your Reputation

Downloadables build your reputation in two separate, but related ways:

  1. Through the content of the downloadable itself, and
  2. Through the follow up content.

By giving potential clients clear, concise answers to some of their biggest concerns, you make yourself appear friendly, available, and knowledgeable. You communicate that you are available and connected with your clients’ needs. And in answering those questions you demonstrate that you have the process down cold.

Once you’ve made a great first impression, your follow up content will keep you at the top of mind for potential clients. By providing high quality content, you can also demonstrate your expertise and develop a reputation as an expert in your subject area.

Downloadables can be a great way to build a database and develop your reputation as an expert. Their ability to help you gather potential clients’ emails helps them soar beyond the traditional flier for return on investment. And your ability to follow up with those who download them help you develop otherwise cold client leads.

Lisa Schmidt is a writer for Legal Linguist. She can help you create downloadables that feature your most desirable services. If you would like help developing downloadables for your website, contact Legal Linguist today for a marketing meeting.

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