Is There Such A Thing As Too Many Webpages?

You have spent a lot of time and money building up your web presence, particularly a professional website. Now your marketing manager wants to add pages for every aspect of your practice. So when is enough enough?

If you are deeply invested in web marketing, it can start to feel like your SEO manager, web designer, and content writer are stringing you along. They may be recommending multiple social media posts daily, a daily blog, and even weekly new pages on your website. Could you really need that much content?

Maybe. The biggest challenge for busy professionals using web marketing is the need to constantly be fresh. That’s why you hired a social media manager in the first place.

You know that to remain relevant on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn you need to be posting status updates regularly – and that means more than daily for many social media outlets. The number of posts per day varies from site to site, but you need to stay in the news feeds of your readers, and that means a constant need for new content.

The same is true for your blog. Professional blog writers emphasize the importance of blogging at least once a week and ideally every day. This puts new content on your website regularly, which drives up your SEO. It also puts your words, or writing about your business, in front of your potential clients and top referral sources frequently enough to keep you top-of-mind.

What about webpages? If you visit some of your big competitors’ websites it may seem like no one could ever read all those pages. But the point is not to write a novel about tax law. It is about creating in-depth articles on all the various reasons potential clients might be looking for you. SEO algorithms emphasize length and depth as well as keywords. So if you are trying to generate business around tax fraud defense, you will want to have a page dedicated to that and nothing else!

The same is true for your bios. You should have a dedicated page for each attorney, so that if someone searches for the lawyer they met last night at dinner, your name rises to the top. By putting your name (or a practice area topic) in the title and meta-description for a page you push it under the nose of the Google watchdogs, making it more likely that your bio page comes up first when someone searches directly for you.

Web marketing can seem to be an endless battle against time. But with strategic social media posts, blogs, and fresh web content, you can stay in front of your audience and grow your business.

Lisa Schmidt is a writer for Legal Linguist. She writes blogs and web content for small firms looking to develop their web marketing. If you need help keeping your website fresh, contact Legal Linguist for a meeting today.

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