There aren’t too many people who can say that they actually love ghost blogging. Most people either don’t like or aren’t good at blogging, or they would rather have their name on whatever they are working on. But for me, ghost blogging is the perfect balance of learning and collaboration.

I love blogging. It gives me an excuse to constantly be reading and learning new things about my practice areas. I also get to share my knowledge with the public in a way that it can understand and digest. Just like many other bloggers, the thrill is in finding a topic that will catch people’s attention and then telling the perfect story.

Writing is a passion of mine. Even before I began blogging and blog coaching, I was writing in my spare time. Ghost blogging allows me to convert a passion into a business and make money doing something that I love. But it’s not for everybody.

20141218_092037Some bloggers thrive on the “By Line.” They love being able to call themselves an author and growing a following of thousands of people online. Now, don’t get me wrong, seeing your name on a book cover is a great feeling. But for me, it isn’t ultimately about the acclaim.

It is about learning and teaching and making a difference with my work. If a great article helps a reader learn when to call a lawyer or teaches a student what their rights are in public school, I don’t care whether the name on the blog is mine or my client’s.

A lot of writers also thrive on the privacy blogging provides. They can create a following and make money all from the comfort of their own home. They avoid interacting with the public they way they would with book tours or other aspects of selling their books.

But sitting alone at a desk all day is not my cup of tea. I’m an extrovert, which means I thrive on interacting and collaborating with people. That means I have a lot of fun meeting with my ghost blogging clients, learning their styles, and figuring out how to best represent them and their business.

Ghost blogging is undeniably a niche industry that is not suitable for everyone. To be successful, a ghost writer needs to be willing to sublimate her ego and let the client take the spotlight. And unlike many other kinds of blogging, a ghost blogger needs to be ready to put on a customer service mindset and work with her clients. Because I am an extroverted writer and more concerned with learning than glory, it is my perfect life.

Lisa Schmidt is a ghost writer for Legal Linguist. She provides blogging and writing services to law firms looking to grow their online marketing presence. If you need someone to help write your blog, contact Legal Linguist today.