Is Your Blog Ready For Mobile?

If you set up your website or blog more than a couple of years ago, it probably isn’t mobile friendly. When is the last time you looked at your website on your smartphone or tablet? What does it look like? Can you read it?

Blogging experts are calling 2015 the year for mobile design. With so many people accessing the Internet through their mobile devices, web designers are focusing on easy viewing and accessibility on smaller screens. While in years past developers would start from a desktop design and “port” it over to mobile, now some web-savvy designers are working the other way.

Many blogs (including this one) are created using free or low-cost templates provided by WordPress and other blog hosting sites. While newer templates are mobile responsive or mobile friendly, others were created assuming viewers will have a full-sized desktop screen to access their content. If yours is one of them, you could be cutting off up to half of your potential readers, just because of your font size!

Even if it may not be time for a whole new website, you may be able to make some small changes to your blog to make it more mobile friendly.

1. Update Your Theme

Make sure your theme of choice is up to date and supported by the developer. If you haven’t updated in a while you may need to choose a new one. This is a great opportunity to opt for a responsive format and get the most bang for your web advertising buck.

2. Simplify Your Menus

A good website contains a lot of high quality content. But how your readers navigate that content will depend on how accessible your menus are. Some bloggers recommend using expandable menus. If you choose to go that route be sure viewers don’t have to “hover” over the menu to expand it. Most mobile devices do not have this ability, so your mobile readers will need to be able to click on menus to expand them.

3. Choose a Clear Font

Some typography is easier to read than others. Chose a font that is legible even when it is small so it is easier to read on an iPhone or Android device. You can also use headings and short paragraphs to break up your content and make it easier to read.

Your blog will only be an effective marketing device if your followers can read it. So before you spend time pouring your professional soul into your next stellar blog post, take a few minutes to make sure your site is mobile friendly. Your readers’ eyes will thank you for it.

Lisa Schmidt is a writer for Legal Linguist. She provides ghostwriting and blogging services to lawyers and small professional firms. If you or someone you know needs help writing effective web content, contact Legal Linguist today for a meeting.

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