Newsjacking To Build Your Audience

You may not know the term “Newsjacking,” but you probably know it when you see it. Blogs, social media accounts, and even cable news networks will use top trending news stories to get readers’ attention and build their audience. Continue reading

Why I Love Ghost Blogging

There aren’t too many people who can say that they actually love ghost blogging. Most people either don’t like or aren’t good at blogging, or they would rather have their name on whatever they are working on. But for me, ghost blogging is the perfect balance of learning and collaboration. Continue reading

Writing for Business? How About Writing to Win a Business!

If you follow my blog, you probably know I’m a big proponent for winning more business through writing – particularly blogging. But I never thought writing could actually win you a business until I stumbled on a recent article about a bed & breakfast in Maine. Continue reading

3 Tips for Effective Client Letters

Not all of your writing goes to the courts or the web. No matter what your practice area, eventually you will have to write a letter to your client. So take the time to make them effective and add quality to your customer experience. Continue reading