You are an interesting person. There are very few truly boring people in the world, and if you are one of them, then congratulations, being boring has just made you interesting. So why does your website’s bio (or About page) read like a resume? What can you do about it?

Go look at your Analytics for your website. If your business is like many out there, your About page ranks pretty highly in your page views.

Why? Because people want to know the man behind the curtain. They read the sales pitch (that’s your home page) or the article on your blog, and now they want to know more about the person who wrote it.

And yet, many professionals’ biographies read more like resumes: a list of their places of employment and education that are designed to impress more than relate.

But can you to recite the resume, or even the company name, for the last 5 people you met? Probably not. Instead you remember that Joe is a craft beer nut and Kelly loves making quilts for the local homeless shelter.

It’s that kind of connection you should strive for in your About page. Your bio should tell a story that touches on your professional credentials, sure, but focuses on who you are and why you love what you do.

Summarize that list of law firms you bounced between early in your career into something like “Jane has been working with employees and unions for over 10 years.” Then use all the space you freed up to tell readers something personal that makes you unique.

That doesn’t necessarily mean bearing your soul. You don’t have to expose your family or pets if you don’t want to. But it should give readers a glimpse of the real you.

Tell the story of why you decided to go into consumer protection law. Describe how great you felt that time you got a “Not Guilty” verdict in your first trial.

Then, after you have the reader’s attention, you can go into what makes you uniquely qualified to handle your potential client’s problem. That’s not necessarily about experience, either. It could be one incident, or a personal connection – like the fact that you too have adopted a child and understand the process from the client’s perspective.

There are all kinds of ways to write a compelling bio, but none of them involve listing your accomplishments in some sort of check list. Instead, be authentic. Tell readers just a little about the real you and they will remember you. You’ll become more than a URL – you’ll be a person.

Lisa Schmidt is a writer for Legal Linguist. She helps lawyers and other professionals create compelling web content and blogs that make them stand out and bring in customers. If your website needs a rewrite, contact Legal Linguist today.