Color Matters: What Your Branding Says About You

A lot of lawyers and other professionals don’t give much thought to color when it comes to their branding. They are more concerned with professional look and ethical obligations. But the color of your brand can say a lot about you.

What does color say about your brand?Who is your target market? What are you trying to convey? Are you trying to tell single mothers that you are compassionate and friendly? Or are you more focused on letting up-and-coming business owners know you can keep up with their growth? All of this can be conveyed with the careful selection of colors for your brand.

The British printing company Print Print has put together a helpful guide to choosing the right color for your brand. By pairing an effective logo with quality web content and an information-rich blog, you can help potential clients understand who you are before they ever walk in the door.

But you do need to be careful. The tasteful use of color can set you apart from the crowd, but an overly colorful website can make you seem less than professional. You need to balance the use of color to evoke an emotional response with careful color palettes that do not offend the eye. That is why logo and brand design is often best left to the professionals.

Choosing a color to best represent your business can be a challenge, but it comes down to identifying your ideal client, and figuring out what traits are most important to him or her. Once your logo is complete, you can back up your brand with quality, professional web content that will bring potential clients to your door. If you need help writing that kind of content, contact ghostwriter Lisa Schmidt with Legal Linguist to get pointed in the right direction.

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