Should You Be Blogging at All?

Alright, I’ll admit, blogging is not for everyone. That’s right, a blogging coach is telling you sometimes, for some businesses, traditional blogging is a waste of time. So how do you know whether you should be blogging at all?

Is Your Industry Based on Expertise?

If you run a food truck, your ability to write eloquently about the virtues of your cuisine probably isn’t going to drive a lot of business to your door. It may be better to use your time growing a social media outlet that lets people track where you are on any give day. But if your business is based on your personal expertise – as a lawyer, psychologist, accountant, or other professional service – a blog is a great way to showcase your brains. It lets people know you understand their problem and can help them fix it.

Is Your Industry Visual or Written?

If you are a photographer, then a picture, especially your own, can be worth a lot more than a thousand words. A text-heavy blog explaining how you do what you do probably isn’t as helpful as an Instagram or Facebook account. These picture-intensive sites let you share your portfolio one piece at a time. But if your business relies on the spoken or written word, you need a way to showcase that as well. A blog can do that by giving you an outlet to show how well you can advocate on your client’s behalf.

Can You Put Words on Paper?

Not everyone has a natural talent for writing. If you personally struggle forming well written paragraphs or clear ideas on paper, maybe blogging is not for you. Instead, consider creating a YouTube channel with short 2-3 minute videos on topics in your field. Imbed these videos into your “blog” page to create a great client resource, especially for visual learners. Video blogs, or vlogs, are particularly helpful for public speakers, coaches, and psychologists, and anyone else that relies on trust with their clients.

Blogging may not be for everyone, at least not in the traditional sense, but there are many ways you can make the Internet work for you. Whether your outlet is video, visual, or written depends on what you do and on your personal ability to write clearly.

Before you commit to a standard blog format, make sure to consider what that blog will do for you and if other options will serve you better. If you see the benefits of writing thoughtful, content-rich blogs, contact blogging coach Lisa Schmidt to help you get started.

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