Are You An In-Demand Expert? Write Like One

If you are a general practitioner, you’ve got a lot of work to do to distinguish yourself from the herd. But if you are an in-demand expert, why not write like one?

Are you a breadth lawyer or a depth expert? Do you know a little bit of everything or are you focused on that one niche area that sets you apart from everyone else?

Write What You Love

If you have a niche market it’s probably because you love it. It’s probably that one thing you find yourself researching in your spare time. That obsession with some quirky area of the law will give you the depth of knowledge and the passion to write a great blog within your field. You’ll find topics easier and have more to say about controversial issues than your general-practitioner counterparts.

Network Your Niche

Once you develop your niche blog, it, and by extension you, will become a go-to resource for lawyers who wish they could know as much as you about your niche. You can use that to build a referral network with lawyers related to, but not in, your field. For example, I emphasize LGBT family law issues on my Schmidt Law Services blog. Not every family lawyer wants to take on the complications of domestic agreements and sperm donor contracts. By blogging on this regularly I have built a reputation as the family lawyer who takes on the tough, non-traditional questions. I’ve built a niche and I market to it using my blog.

Use Your Blog To Learn

Researching and writing your niche blog also gives you a chance to increase your depth of knowledge. Writing weekly posts about your field will force you to learn more about your topic and make you even more the expert. Even if you are just getting into the law, you can use a blog to build a practice and a body of knowledge based on one niche market.

Are you happy competing with the other jacks-of-all-trades on price? Would you rather be an in-demand expert? Focus on building your niche market blog to bring referrals to you. To get guidance in building your unique blog, contact blogging coach Lisa Schmidt today.

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