Is your blog disposable? Are you using each post once and then throwing it on the garbage file? What if there was a way to recycle your content and make it work harder for you?

“Reduce” Your Effort

You’ve put hard work into crafting a quality blog post about an interesting topic. Share it with the world! Or at least your social media network. Rather than spinning your wheels rewriting the same information over and over, set up your blog to automatically post messages on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn. Those sites will attract more traffic to your blog and get you more followers.

“Reuse” Your Old Posts

Unless your blog is focused on the bleeding edge of technology law, some of your articles probably have some staying power. When a topic you have written about before becomes popular again – like when a celebrity couple files for divorce – pull out your greatest hits and share them on social media all over again. Just make sure to keep them updated with any changes to the law.

“Recycle” Your Content

If your blog is focused on your topic, it is likely you will find yourself coming back to the same issues over time. Save time, energy, and word count by linking to old blog articles rather than reinventing the wheel. You’ll be able to get more in-depth and provide more quality content to your readers. Plus, search engines will love the back-links to your site so you’ll improve your SEO.

Writing a high-quality blog can take effort, but there’s no reason throw your energy in the trash. Recycle your blog through social media and cross-links to make the most of your work. If you need help writing or publicizing your blog, contact blogging coach Lisa Schmidt for more information.