Which Social Media Networks Should Your Law Firm Be On?

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, and on and on. There are so many social media outlets that demand your attention as a business owner. But you can’t possibly do them all, can you? So how do you choose?

Just like when it come to choosing a topic or scheduling your posts, the decision of which social media sites to focus on depends on your audience. Where are your potential clients spending their time? That is where you have to be.

That said, for most law firms, venues that focus on articles and professionalism tend to provide the largest return on investment:

  • Facebook has made it easy to link blog articles and other websites with eye-catching photos.
  • LinkedIn‘s emphasis on professional networks and discussion panels make it an ideal place to show off your expertise to other professionals, if not direct clients.
  • Twitter‘s emphasis is on immediacy, so it is ideal for the fast-paced aspects of law, like updating your followers over the course of a trial.

On the other side of the spectrum, the very visual mediums of Pinterest and Instagram are much better suited to product markets rather than the service industry. Unless your target market is craftsmen or women or you work well with infographics, your attention may be better spent elsewhere.

YouTube breaks this rule. While YouTube’s video feeds are inherently visual, they are a great way to demonstrate your likeability and expertise directly to potential clients. Using YouTube to create quick tips, FAQ, or blog videos can give you a face and set you apart from your competition.

The world of social media has gotten too big for small law firms to cover it all. You have to be selective and focus on the venues best suited to your practice. If you need help planning your social media presence, contact blog coach Lisa Schmidt today.

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