Does Your Blog Engage Your Clients?

It’s great to provide consistent, informed content to your clients and referral sources. But are your readers engaged? How can you increase your followers’ involvement in your writing?

I recently attended a blogging for business workshop hosted by social media guru Heather Coleman Voss and the Ferndale Michigan Works. Professionals of all kinds came together to learn how to improve their blogs.

One question was on everyone’s lips: how can I better engage my clients through my blog?

Support Your Blog With Social Media Engagement

Your blog is the place to provide great content, but to make it popular you need to pair it with excellent social media outreach. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and many other social media platforms give you a great opportunity to reach a broader audience. The key is to embrace and encourage likes, shares, retweets, and favorites.

Provide Accessible Content

Your readers aren’t looking for a legal treatise. They want quick answers that are easy to understand. You can do this by structuring your blogs as numbered lists, how-to guides, and tutorials.

Diversify the Voices

You want to have a consistent voice, but that doesn’t mean that every post has to sound like you. By using client testimonials, quotes, and guest bloggers, you can give your readers a variety of perspectives. This can help them understand your topic and your business.

Ask For Feedback

Your blog has a comment section that is designed to engage your readers in conversation. But often lawyers will find their posts riddled with spam and nothing else. If you want quality comments that start a dialog among your readers, ask for it. End your posts with thought-provoking questions, and don’t be afraid of controversy. You can always moderate offensive content later.

There are a lot of great ways to engage your readers on your blog. The most important thing is to create a conversation whether in the comments or on social media. What techniques have you tried connect with your clients online? Let us know in the comments.


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